Halkidiki Tour – A Once In A Lifetime Delight

The next time you decide to take a tour to the land of the gods (Greece), set a reminder to visit the three peninsulaspointing to the Aegean. Located southeast of the mighty Macedonia, Halkidiki – the three peninsulas– has over the years developed to become one of Greece’s tourist gems. This prefecture is a true reflection of paradise judging by the interesting coves together with massive bays, rocky headlands, golden beaches, pure waters, pine forests, olive groves, and so much more.

Halkidiki Tour - A Once In A Lifetime Delight

The three peninsulas, Cassandra, Sithonia and Mt. Athos provide a rare and exciting experience found in no other place in the world. If your interest lies in beaches and party hopping, then Cassandra is the place to hang out. However, for an all-natural green experience, Sithonia offers you an environment that is abundant in tranquility and beauty as witnessed in the cool waters and alluring golden beaches. For the people seeking divine experience during their Halkidiki stay, booking an appointment in the Holy Mountain of Athos will definitely work for them. Visitations here are limited and the place provides an assortment of amazing historical divine scenes as well as architectural materials that would interest anyone with some knowledge in religion and/or art.

Among the endless Halkidiki sensations that a visitor will not fail but notice is the array of noteworthy hotel complexes built in excellent standard to ensure that every tourist gets an exclusive stay when they visit Macedonia. The following is a list of top three Halkidiki hotels that would make you feel like a king once you book a room with them.

Athos Palace

If you are looking for a touch of class in a client-friendly environment, book a room at Athos Palace for a grand experience starting from the breathtaking visual but natural effect brought about by Aegean Sea. Situated within one of Greece’s delight beaches, Athos lies within the heart of peninsula. The warm and friendly nature of the staff makes this palace a perfect stay when you get to Halkidiki. Once you get to the hotel, there are boutiques, restaurants, taverns, beach bars and night clubs around the complex making it easy to get access to almost – if not – everything. To top the icing on the “royal cake”, there is an all-inclusive offer as well as Secure Internet Reservation System offering flexible booking opportunities to clients all over the world.

The Theophano Imperial Palace Hotel

As the name suggests, Theophano Imperial Palace Hotel is a majestic complex for those that are looking for plush among the endless list of Halkidiki hotels. Considered one of the top opulence habitats in Macedonia, the hotel constitutes unique designs and hospitable services that would encourage anyone’s stay. The exclusive, comfortable and relaxing feel together with the ideal location overlooking the Toroneos Gulf Coast truly makes Theophano an imperial palace hotel.

The Macedonian Sun Hotel

Situated on top of a hill, in the greatest of environments, the Macedonian Sun Hotel bears fantastic pulsating gardens with plenty of flowers and greens to set the holiday mood right. With a beach next to the hotel, it will only take you 5 minutes to realize what the blond beaches of Halkidiki have on offer. The strategic location of the hotel makes it the best place to experience the once-in-a-lifetime panoramic view of the Mediterranean. The picturesque blended with the serenity is a recommended option to those that are looking for serene holiday milieu. A large swimming pool is also available for those that prefer to enjoy the waters within the compound, but for those that want to feel the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, the beach is just a few meters away. There is also a town, 2km, where you can take a tour to experience the welcoming nature of the Greek natives as well as mouthwatering cuisine displayed by the locals.

Halkidiki as a destination has a lot on its massive plate of goodies. Sports lovers have the best holiday opportunity to take part in kite surfing, windsurfing, waterskiing and diving including other forms of sea sports. When you visit during summer, there are remarkable artistic festivals taking place all over the place. The music, performing arts and the vibrant Halkidiki atmosphere provides tourists with unique opportunities to see what the land of myths and legends has to offer. For any questions or comments, do not hesitate to share your views with us.

How to Enjoy Your Trip to Singapore without Taxing Wallet Much

Every tourist destination has something unique about it, whether it is cuisine, architecture or ambience. Singapore is one city that is visited by millions of people every year and it has plenty of interests for all. However, if Singapore’s cosmopolitan and urban ambience makes you feel visiting the city will bleed your wallet, you are mistaken. With a little planning and preparation, you can explore Singapore without straining your wallet much.

Far Far Away Universal Studios Singapore

To ensure you can enjoy your trip to Singapore without exceeding budget, look for bargain airline deals. To get lower rates, you need to book well in advance. If you book a ticket 2 months in advance or so, you will get lots of cheaper flight deals. At times, you may get lucrative deals on round trip tickets on some budget airlines. It makes sense to get your visa and passport ready before you visit Singapore. If you are in hurry, resort to the passport expediting service providers. They can help you in getting new passport or exiting one renewed.

With a little searching, you can find budget accommodations in Singapore. Staying at YMCA would be a prudent idea. Reservations can be made online and the location is also suitable for exploring the city. To explore the area, use it’s Mass Rapid Transit. The MRT network of Singapore is good and with it you can explore nearly all parts of the city without spending much. Budget travelers should not use taxis and walking is another option. You may also ride a double Decker bus to enjoy Singapore scenery amidst comfort without churning out much.

When you visit a place, experiencing its cuisine is almost compulsory. You need not go to the costly restaurants in Singapore when there are so many street side food vendors. In CBD area you can find a lot of food hawkers who serve tasty and healthy foods at really affordable rates. There are plenty of regional dishes to keep the foodie in you satiated.

The nice thing about Singapore trip is that you get to visit a lot of interesting places and things absolutely free. The prime example is Singapore City Gallery. This is interesting if you want to know more about history of the city. On Fridays, you can explore SingaporeArt Museum without paying anything during the evening. If you love window shopping, Vivo City the biggest Shopping Mall of Singapore should be on your list. Apart from buying, you can enjoy watching people there.

If you are a nature lover and cannot resist the chance to spend some time in lap of nature when visiting a place, head straight to MountFaber. Its top part will offer you mind blowing view of northern cityscape as well as southern coastline. If you have a camera and visit the spot during sunset, it will be a magical experience. You may also pay a visit to the Singapore Botanic Garden. It is a large area with free admission but entry to the OrchidGarden is costly.

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Top 3 Must See Places to Visit in Coorg

Many decades have gone, since the ‘Scotland of East’ has been recognized as one of the most favorable destinations to beat the summer heat. Coorg tourism has a lot of attractions and excursions to offer its guests, who have come a long or short way to enjoy their holidays. There are many places to visit in Coorg, but these below mentioned three spots must not be missed under any circumstances.

Padi Igguthappa Temple

1. Padi Igguthappa Temple: This is one of the many religious places to visit in Coorg. It is situated in the town of Virajpet in the Kodagu region, where it is supposedly filled with the divinity and covered by serenity on all its sides. It is indeed very famous in its vicinity while it is respected and revered by all the natives of the particular area. This temple was built for the Lord Igguthappa, which is the synonym of Lord Subramanya. It was built by King Lingarajendra in 1810. Then 25 years later in 1835, the then Dewan Apparanada Bopu renovated the temple after taking over the construction works. He replaced the thatched roof with tiles, which gave the temple a modern look. Now one may see silver works right at the entrance, which is a recent work of the year 2008. The deity of this temple is the ‘grain-giver’ as Igguthappa means grain and river; so a river of grain that flows endlessly. In the month of March each year, a festival is carried out in the complex of the temple, where the famous ritual of Tulabhara is being conducted. The devotees get themselves weigh against sugar, rice, grains etc and offer the same to the temple deity as a profound mark of their devotion.


2.Bhagamandala: This is a holy and divine confluence of four temples and three rivers. This is also known as the ‘Triveni Sangam’, since Kannike and Cauvery rivers meet the Sujyothi stream here. Consequently this place is sacred to the Hindus, who visit this place throughout the year. The four temple that are close to this particular confluence; they are dedicated to Subramanya, Vishnu and Ishwarya Ganapathy. Among many devotees, this pilgrimage centre is popular as Bhagandeswhara Kshetra. The place has historical importance to it as well, since this is the very site where the battle between Dodda Virarajendra of Coorg Kingdom and Tipu Sultan was fought. Coorg tourism promotes this spot as an important tourist destination and keeps it in the top places to visit in Coorg.

Madikeri palace within the fort

3.Madikeri Fort: This was initially made by mud, but later Tipu Sultan replaced the entire structure with more strong and solid concrete stones. This massive monument has a temple, an Anglican Church, a museum and a prison. The entrance has two fascinating elephants made of mortar while the fort offers its visitor a complete panoramic view of the city. There is a British era clock tower, which is one of the few remnants of the vintage times when the foreigners ruled the lands of the nation. This fort must be kept in the list of prime places to visit in Coorg.

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